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PTP/meetings/March 2010

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March 2010 Meeting

Date: March 9, 2010 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 1 877-421-0033
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-181-6323
Local (US): +1 770-615-1250
Local (Germany): +49 695-170-9081
Passcode: 583191


  1. Status Reports
    • PTP 3.0.1 release
    • PTP 4.0 Helios build and status
      • Release planning documentation
    • RDT and remote status
    • Resource Managers
    • PLDT
    • ETFw
    • Photran
  2. Other Business
  3. Next meeting


  • Greg Watson, IBM
  • Jeff Overbey, UIUC
  • Roland Schultz, ORNL
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Wyatt Spear, U. Oregon
  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Chris Recoskie, IBM
  • Al Rossi, NCSA


  1. Status Reports
    • PTP 3.0.1 release - was completed Feb 2, 2010
    • PTP 4.0 Helios build and status, release planning
      • Formal Eclipse API Freeze is end of week. Feature freeze end of April. We can be somewhat later than that. CDT is "+1" and PTP is "+2" on Helios build schedules.
      • Monday May 3: proposed PTP Feature/API freeze. M7 +2 build will be Tues May 4.
      • M6 build is Mar 16
    • EclipseCon is Mar 22-25
    • RDT and remote status
      • Remote fixes by Roland, more releable.
    • Scalability Meetings started because of DOE funding. Al Rossi and Randy Roberts have participated. 11 am ET every Thursday; schedule on PTP wiki meetings page, all welcome to join
    • Resource Managers
      • PE - Dave Wootton, wky on proxy protocols. SCI code almost approved for contribution. PE 5.2 support will hopefully be in PTP 3.0 code line, not sure.
    • Remote and RDT - Chris Recoskie: working on a product release lately. RSE Resource providers : projects were closed on startup, working on startup problems. Fixed in 2.1 branch, will merge to HEAD later
    • PBS Proxy - Roland Schultz and Al Rossi working on this. working on PBS proxy - in Java (most other proxies are in C)
      • current status: monitoring mostly works. Submitting jobs doesn't work yet.
    • PLDT - Beth Tibbitts
      • Fortran artifacts can now be identified due to work with Jeff Overbey and Photran. PTP now builds with optional Photran dependency. Updated PTP build process on to accomodated this.
      • Some PLDT JUnit tests added, hope to add more
      • OpenSHMEM help files added, determining how much can be contributed publicly to PTP, APIs and standards aren't final.
      • PTP 3.0.1 is included in X10DT release
    • ETFw - no new news
    • Photran - Jeff Overbey
      • Help plugin is now in CVS.
      • Matt Scarpino - Eclipse consulting - converted Photran wiki to eclipse help
      • C pre-processor support is also done.
      • Issue of how to package RephraserEngine in Helios, since it can be independent of Photran
  2. Other Business
    • EclipseCon is March 22-25 in Santa Clara. Greg and Beth are atttending, 3 talks related to PTP to be given.
  3. Next meeting is Tuesday April 13 at 1:00 PM ET

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