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PTP/meetings/June 2006

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June 2006 Meeting

Date: June 13, 2006 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free: 1 866 807-2880
Local: (505) 606-1028


  1. PTP Status
    • Release review
  2. Project Reports
    • PLDT update
    • TAU update
    • Resource manager support update
    • Remote services update
    • Runtime support update
  3. Web site
  4. Other business
  5. Next meeting

Meeting Notes

Date: June 13, 2006
Time: 1:00 PM EST


  • Adam Bordelon, Rice University
  • Nathan DeBardeleben, LANL
  • Randy Roberts, LANL
  • Greg Watson, LANL
  • Craig Rasmussen, LANL
  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM
  • Yuan Zhang, IBM
  • Wyatt Spear, U of Oregon
  • Rod Mach, Absoft

PTP status

Bjorn has requested a release review for PTP 1.0. Greg is preparing a presentation as per the release review requirements [1]. Once completed he will post to the ptp-dev list for comments/suggestions, then schedule a review with the Foundation. Other organizations are encouraged to participate in the review process.

Project Reports

  • PLDT: (Beth Tibbitts) Finally have first pass of project setup wizard (looking for testers on MacOS X - Craig). Currently automatically enabled for C Managed Build projects. Plan to add an MPI nature to allow user selection of project type.
  • MPI Barrier Analysis: (Evelyn Duesterwald, Yuan Zhang) MPI communication analysis: static analysis to extract communication patterns and detect certain classes of communication anomalies.
  • TAU: (Wyatt Spear) First version now committed to CVS. Working on Java implementations of reader/writer. Next for TAU is updating to Eclipse 3.2. Eclipse/TAU paper accepted in HPCC'06.
  • Resource Manager: Randy has committed the new resource manager code and modifications to the existing PTP model. He is currently extracting the existing runtime systems into separate plug-ins using new extension points.
  • Remote Services: Tianchao investigated the use of the Eclipse Extensible File System (EFS) for remote projects, and demonstrated using a real remote filesystem protocol. He also evaluated using RSE for remote build and remote launch capability and demonstrated the use of RSE to build a CDT project on a remote machine. A number of bug fixes/patches were contributed to the CDT project. Results of the evaluations are available on the wiki [2].
  • Runtime Systems: Nathan has been refining the implementation to better support an event driven model. This will improve the scalability and support for arbitrary attributes. Greg has added MPICH2 support for job launch, monitoring and control. Debugging support is not yet available.
  • Debugger: Clement has added support for watchpoints and is working on improvements to data type handling.
  • Misc: Nathan & Greg have article on Eclipse and PTP in July edition of CiSE - article is here

Web Site

Beth has updated the web site to Phoenix. Draft copy is here. Please take a look and make any comments on content and layout.

Other business

No other business.

Next meeting

July 11, 2006

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