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PTP/meetings/December 2006

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December 2006 Meeting

Date: December 12, 2006 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free: 1 866 807-2880
Local: (505) 606-1028


  1. PTP Status
    • 1.1 release update
  2. EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, 2007, Santa Clara, CA
    • Submitted talks/demos
    • Other planned submissions
    • Very early registration (by Dec 31) offers discount
  3. Project Reports
    • PLDT update
    • Performance tools update
    • Fortran update
    • Resource manager/runtime support update
    • Remote services update
  4. Integration with IBM Parallel Environment (Dave Wootton)
  5. Other business
  6. Next meeting


  • IBM: Beth Tibbitts, Evelyn Duesterwald, Amir Sanjar, Leonardo Garcia, Dave Wootton;
  • Google: Don Pazel
  • U.Oregon: Wyatt Spear
  • LANL: Greg Watson, Craig Rasmussen, Chris Rickett, Randy Roberts
  • Oak Ridge: Bill Roth, Nikhil Bhatia
  • Sandia: Kathy Ellereed


  1. PTP Status
    • 1.1 release update: RC1 available for download; PLDT changes will be checked in by end of week; build end of this week; testing next week. We'll need a release review.
  2. EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, 2007, Santa Clara, CA
    • Submitted talks/demos: Greg long talk (input welcome); Wyatt short talk
    • Other planned submissions: Beth Demo + PLDT short talk
    • Vote for PTP talks! Decisions on what is accepted depends on voting.
  3. Project Reports
    1. PLDT update
      • Beth: bugs fixed: (need to list) wkg on flashing progress monitor; will checkin by end of week
    2. Performance tools update
      • Wyatt: TAU plug-in new features: Improved makefile selection system, and PAPI event selector. Craig suggests "toolchain for MPI"; Wyatt can make it available by end of week (submit bug; make patch); Wyatt to be nomiated as Committer; by Dec 31 to get reduced rate to EclipseCon?
      • Perf. framework? need to pick up work on that. Wyatt has done some general before/after work before/after calling PTP that could be adapted for this. Greg reminds us to post info on the Wiki.
    3. Fortran update
      • Chris Rickett: Progress .... Fortran lexer & parser separated. Backtracking reduced.. Greg asked for support for fortran data types in debugger from Clement. Complex datatypes being looked at too.
      • Craig: talked to Jeff Overbey @ UIUC. Plans to get rename refactoring wkg and continue work on parser generator and parser.
      • ANTLR 3.0 usable? IP clean? Doug submitting C# work which uses it. See if it passes Eclipse Foundation review. Other options aren't great.
    4. Resource manager/runtime support update
      • Randy: model changes for machines/nodes/jobs in res mgr now. Jobs view has cascading ... choose res mgr and queue... job launch config: can submit job TO a particular res mgr... change to submit to a queue. Next: proxy protocol for job launching and info gathering. Working with Craig on that.
      • Craig: looking at LSF implementation. Interested in queueing system support. Dave Wootton may be interested. Dave can submit a job to a cluster for IBM Parallel Environment. No work on res mgr e.g. Loadleveler so far.
      • Craig: looking at LSF and MOAB. New events: start and stop... get info coming back from queueing system... Randy... get name/desc/type in event received back. Attributes used for display, and editing attributes for admin, launch, etc. Craig: MOAB uses XML. Greg: need scheme that will work across all res mgrs. Interested in talking to IBM LoadLeveler folks too. Craig will set up a Wiki and start a design description. Hope to have something running by early January? Chris: orte/mpi/mpich are separated into separated plugins now.
      • Branch for CDT 4.0? Beth needs for PLDT future. Not yet. Revisit in January.
    5. Remote services update
  4. Integration with IBM Parallel Environment (Dave Wootton)
    • Dave can run a PE (Parallel Environment) job within PTP, update job status, etc. Can submit, run to completion, update job status submit/run/complete. Prototype/proof of concept code. Machine view not wkg yet. Has questions about how it should work. Preferences Panel for some PE info. Looking at changes to launch config for setting env vars etc for running a PE job. Running on small cluster, seems to work reliably for small test cases.
    • Status back from PE? no, PE knows nothing but the job itself. Host file is list of nodes to run on; invoke job, startup process allocates MPI tasks onto the nodes. Everything runs thru the proxy; nothing equiv to the ORTE daemon. How start up the proxy process? Like orte proxy startup. Submit POE job via fork/exec then watch for status.
    • Craig: sounds similar to what they are doing for LSF.
    • Greg: Using API to communicate with PE? No. No api for PE. Doing fork/exec but then no interaction with POE process. Not as sophisticated as the orte daemon.
    • Snapshot of 1.1 branch in mid-Nov. Chris has changed much of this on HEAD. Requests Dave try using HEAD, thinks it will be an improvement. Even w/o res mgr, acts as a very simple res mgr. need to create separate plugin as a res mgr - chris will help. (altho a "pretty dumb" res mgr) - orte daemon is now wrapped by a res mgr.
    • Dave would like conf call to discuss design etc. IBM approval pending for participation as contributer. Separate approval would be needed to become a committer. Beth suggests going for IBM approval for committer status to begin with.
    • Dave and LANL to discuss before end of year.
    • Debugger support: not yet.
    • Dave has questions: about submitting code, service and support, etc. Testing plan?
    • Greg: Bugzilla for bug reports. Bugs submittted against component. Author responsibility to monitor bugzilla reports for the component. Another committer/contributor to verify fixes. User communication: newsgroup and mailing lists. Testing: up to us as a group. But in Tools project, they may have other requirements. Test plan to be put on Wiki. Testing process isn't formal at this point. As project matures, will improve/formalize this more. Esp. for 2.0 release next summer (trying to align with Europa and CDT 4.0 release). Monash is hiring a summer student to dev. a test plan for the debugger.
    • discussion about updating to HEAD, and new plugin architecture.
  5. Other business
    • Amir Sanjar, Cell IDE tutorial:
      • extends Eclipse, CDT to work with cell ide toolchain (gnu) plus specific cell tools.
      • Two compilers: xlC and gcc. PPE and SPE compilers. extension to gdb debugger for 6.5 gdb protocol. Integrated with Cell simulator. Requires Linux Fedora Core 5 for simulator. Launcher supports run on simulator, remote simulator, and remote native Cell box. May contribute launcher src code to CDT.
      • Cell: not considered concurrent processes: one process on PPE, cell processes look like threads on the OS. Possible hierarchical views.
      • Continue to work together (PTP + Cell IDE) to fit better.
      • Multiple architecture: PPE vs SPE. Roadrunner adds Opteron as well. Very heterogeneous.
      • SDK 2.0 available Dec 15. Gnu toolchain part is open src. Not xlC tools. Binary only.
      • Greg visit Austin for Cell/PTP collaboration? Greg can't come then. Craig might be in Houston in January, might visit.
      • Craig suggests Amir visit LANL and give a talk.
  6. Next meeting: January 9, 2007

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