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PTP/meetings/August 2013

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August 2013 Meeting

Date: August 13, 2013 Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0800-368-0638
Passcode: 2221402


  • Overall project, releases, etc.
    • 7.0.3 release
    • Luna M1
    • Kepler SR1
    • Downloads (see bottom of page)
  • Status Reports
    • PTP Core/debug
    • RDT, Synchronized Project, Remote
    • Target System Configuration support
    • Monitoring
    • PLDT
    • ETFw, other tool configurations
    • Docs, Help, N&N
    • Clients: WinXP/7, Linux, Mac
    • Other tools/contributions
  • Tutorials and Outreach
    • User/Developer meeting
    • SC13 tutorial - not accepted; appealed - no response
    • XSEDE tutorial July 22 - on Kepler! In progress
  • Next ptp-dev meeting Sep 10


Greg Watson, Wyatt Spear, Chris Navarro, Jay Alameda, Jeff Overbey, Beth Tibbitts, John Eblen


  • 7.0.3 release - planned for Tomorrow (Aug. 14)
    • Testing needed, a few bug fixes have been made. Greg made changes to TSC to add extra arg (bug 411843), some bugs related to saving Env. Mgmt.
  • Luna M1 is next week M1+3 is next Wed. Aug. 21 - our Luna contribution is ready but disabled because our dependency CDT is disabled.
  • Kepler SR1 RC1 is next week too (also Wed.) Aug. 21
    • Assume our 7.0.3 will be our Kepler SR1 contribution. After RC1, RC2 is two weeks later, then RC2,3,4 are at weekly intervals.
    • See But our dates are as follows (our builds are contributed on the "+3" day). EPP (package builds) are available on the Friday after this for each build.
      • RC1+3 - Wed 8/21 ("warmup" build)
      • RC2+3 - Wed 9/4
      • RC3+3 - Wed 9/10
      • RC4+3 - Wed 9/17 - Final Build
      • Kepler SR1 release is Friday 9/27
  • Greg has made some changes to our package: can we make the same ones to the parallel package? Can we get two committers on EPP? (beth is currently only committer)
  • Downloads: 35,732 today 40,143 - Previous downloads page counts were incorrect (counted Windows only - corrected on 8/13
  • Jeff: computers at Alabama Supercomputer Center - they avoid PBS and use custom scripts.
    • Photran contribution being processed, bug created
    • TechEx in Boulder - some bug fixes for Photranindexer etc. Want them to contribute before their funding ends. How to engage? Invite to User-Dev meeting?
  • User-Dev meeting Sept. 13-14 - Registration page is up. - brainstorm Agenda ideas later .. see below
  • Perfsuite: Rui needs to sign a contributor agreement, then Beth can check in.
    • new feature means release review, bump release to 7.1 - could we include GIG? create ptp_7_1 to put it there.
  • Bugs Greg has been working on...added argument to TSC... Arguments tab (add/remove arg in, didn't remove it), completed jobs still show up when they shouldn't (fixed), access launch config dialog object (useful for displaying progress monitor etc); Greg ran PTP code through Sonar - code issues listed. -- PTP&Photran are listed, coding issues are listed. Potential performance issues and bug fixes possible. 31K violations detected. Some critical/blockers
  • John: some sync refactoring, probably won't make SR1. Need very thorough testing.
  • No new info on SC13 tutorial rejection. BOF submitted.
  • XSEDE tutorial in San Diego July 22 - small attendance but good. First Kepler-based PTP Tutorials. Slides available at
    • XSEDE BOF had better attendance, very good. Beth will try to find minutes/attendees/user input and post. Very good feedback, many questions, much enthusiasm for PTP.
    • Python sync projects are being used by Dave Hudak from Ohio State. PyDev project folks engagement?
    • Jay - environment management BOF with Doug James, TACC using LMOD, as well as NCAR on Yellowstone (LMOD is similar to Modules but different; LMOD is under active development)
  • User-Developer meeting Dates: Sept 13-14 (Friday and Saturday) in Chicago -
    • Agenda ideas; Carston and Wolfgang can attend
    • Sonar / findbugs issues? Hackathon? Identify 2-3 high priority bugs and work on them.
    • Milestones for SI2
    • Discuss possible SI2 proposal for next year (Feb 2014 deadline) - and other funding opportunities??
      • Jay discussed with NVIDIA possible contribution - but their work is based on a modified CDT. Greg+Beth had a call with NVIDIA a few months ago.
    • OpenCL? ORNL and TACC are interested. Brian has been working with TACC
    • Jeff: Absoft and NAG have their own IDEs for Fortran (have compilers too) - would they be interested in moving to eclipse?
    • Gerrit and Git - Roland?

Next meeting Sept 10

Parallel Package Downloads

Download numbers, by month, of 'Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers' available on Each release (e.g. R,SR1,SR2) the counts are set to 0 and restarted.

Release Month Downloads Total Downloads
Indigo SR1 thru Feb 2012  40,298
Indigo SR2 thru June 2012 64,860
Juno (4 days!) June 2012 902 902
Juno July 2012 8169 9071
Juno August 2012 19,112 28,009
Juno September 2012 47,648 76,457
Juno SR1 September 2012 5346 5346
Juno SR1 October 2012 65,353 70,699
Juno SR1 November 2012 58,796 129,495
Juno SR1 December 2012 57,811 187,306
Juno SR1 January 2013 63,350 250,656
Juno SR1 February 2013 39,877 290,533
==Juno SR2== March 2013 41,367 41,367
==Juno SR2== April 2013 36,372 77,739
==Juno SR2== May 2013 28,575 106,316
==Juno SR2== June 2013 22,521 128,853
Kepler R (5 days) June 2013 4003 4003
Kepler R July 2013 26,070 30,073
Kepler R August* 2013 40,143

August* downloads as of August 13. Downloads page listed count as 35,732. Have confirmed with webmaster this was incorrect (windows counts only) so has been corrected. 40K is correct.

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