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Purchase order


The purpose of this User case is to illustrate the concepts for Static design and Control Scenario design. It doesn't deal with the page flow design.

Static design

It should illustrate the following capabilities:

  • Data presentation
  • Embeddibility
  • Presentation management like mutilple presentation support. For example, the Address may have 2 presentations and it is possible to switch from one to another through some business logic conditions

From point of view of UI structure, it should be possible:

  • Change the layout: TabFolder, Group, Grid etc.
  • Field input control for example for telephone, email, date
  • Feeback of the error using the Decoration of fields, ToolTips
  • Transaction edition

Control Scenario design

  • Show/hide some fields through user interactions
  • Enable/disable the edition for some fields through user interactions
  • Address should have two mode of presentation: one for read only and another for edition.


The application should provide all information in one page. The page consists of three blocks:

  • Customer
  • Order items
  • Shipping

The follwing layout should be possible: Grid, GroupBox, ExpendBar and TabFolder. It should be possible to add other layout. The designer have the possibility to switch from one to another.

It is necessary to access the online helps, in tooltip, or hyperlink

The required field must be indicated with a visible way: color, marker etc. The choice can be decided in PMF tools.

The purchase order handles two modes of payment and has the possibility to provide a different shipping address.



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