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The purpose of this project is to provide a modeling environment for driving the business model to UI presentation.

Design Guides

The following rules will be respected during the design and development:

  • UI technology independent
  • Support of all major business model such as Java, EMF, UML, etc.
  • Model transformation or code generation engine neutral
  • High extensible to enable each technology to customize it for a complete solution.
  • this framework can be embedded in other modeling solution and work in standalone

Development & deployment environment

  • IDE: Eclipse
  • Platform: Eclips
  • Programming language: Java
  • Modeling framework: EMF

Target users

Two kinds of users will use this framework in a different way:

  • Application UI designer, who focus on functional specification and domain application UI design based on business model.
  • Framework developer, who connects a PSM UI solution into PIM PMF.

The role of framework developer is to realize the PMF concept with a PSM and to provide domain de component in PMF.

Operating modes

This framework should be used in two ways:

  • Interactive during the design
  • Batch to integrate in the domain application building process

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