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PDT/Installation/Execution Environment

Execution Environments Preferences

The Execution Environments Preferences page displays the PHP Interpreters that are compatible with each PHP version available in PDT. Selecting a compatible Interpreter with the PHP version you are using in your project allows PDT to execute your project in an execution environment that contains Interpreters that are compatible to the PHP version being used, which avoids errors due to incompatible Interpreters.

The Execution Environments Preferences Preferences page is accessed from Window | Preferences | PHP | PHP Executables | Execution Environments.

Execution environments.png

The Execution Environment preferences describe all of the available execution environments in PDT, allowing default PHP Interpreters to be specified for any given PHP version. This allows you to create a compatible execution environment for PHP projects.

The following components make up the page:

- PHP Versions - The available PHP versions in PDT. You can set which PHP version you would like to use in the PHP Interpreter Preferences page. You can also set a PHP version for a specific project when creating PHP projects.

- Compatible Interpreters - The compatible Interpreters for the selected PHP version.

When multiple Interpreters are compatible with a PHP version, a default Interpreter can be specified by checking it.

To manage PHP Executables go to the PHP Executable Preferences page accessed from Window | Preferences | PHP | PHP Executables Preferences.

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