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Orion/Server API/Login API

The Login API is a web server API for logging into the Orion server with an authorized account.

Actions on login

Login with form based authentication

To login to your user account, send a POST with your username and password.
HTTP Method
Example Request
POST /login/form?username=newuser&password=myPassw0rd HTTP/1.1
Orion-Version: 1.0

Example Response
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

 "EmailConfirmed": false,
 "FullName": "New User",
 "HasPassword": true,
 "LastLoginTimestamp": "1416865840208",
 "Location": "/users/newuser",
 "UserName": "newuser"
Detailed Explanation
This login is used for the Orion form based authentication.

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