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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130117


  • Andy
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Simon
  • Bogdan
  • Grant
  • Libing
  • Carlolyn
  • Mark
  • Ken
  • Silenio
  • Anton
  • John
  • McQ


  • M2 in one week (January 25), then 2.0 end-game starts
  • UX call next week - go over project stuff and an SCM integration. And using Orion to develop node.


  • Andy - Looking at wire.js - utils classes behind the editor?
  • Susan - Finished the last of the pages responsible for. Fixing other bugs in widgety things (nested dialogs, etc). Asked Carolyn to do an accessibility pass. Reworked create new content extension point to work with Projects work. Some delegated UI work. Szymon reported that he's done git widgets and dialogs.
  • Gosia - Finished most of the coding for the operations service for extensions. Working on Wiki page. Next week will work on operations that cannot be cancelled.
  • Simon - Working on URL shim, HTML Template shim are in. Done some delegated UI changes on top of Susan's code. Want to setup the iFrame such that you're manipulating the iFrame and getting the message event from it.
  • Bogdan - Joined to help working on the editor with Silenio. Want to improve consumability and incorporate the editor. Stand alone editor build required.
  • Grant - Shell API work almost done, working on that and dojo removal.
  • Libing - Dojo removal for compare is almost there but struggling with layout. Fix bugs against case sensitive global search.
  • Carolyn - Accessibility work (login page). Will look at Susan's items tomorrow.
  • Mark - Sites pages fixed up. Worked on the login pages. Working on a suite of unit tests for the Node server (lots of defects).
  • Ken - Presentations, deployment still ongoing work - nothing committed yet.
  • Silenio - Working on editor consumability. Talking to Mozilla team to see how we can help with them always running latest code.
  • Anton - Project work ongoing with John. By end of next week will have an example of an Orion project.
  • John - Working on the sftp deployment. New sftp is no longer just a folder. Will do the easiest thing on the server for Anton to consume. Also looking to help out in the Vert.x decision to move to Eclipse
  • McQ - Cross site workflows.

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