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Orion/How Tos/How To Run Real Shell

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Run Node server with real shell enabled

  • in bundles/org.eclipse.orion.client.ui/web/defaults.prefs, add the following line in the /plugin section: "plugins/consolePlugin.html":true,
  • in modules/orionode, run npm install node-pty
  • run Node Server

(Optional)Export Orion host Url to server app running in the shell with a specific port

So for example https://whateverHostUrl/orion is where Orion editor page is, then make https://whateverHostUrl/ direct to the app running in the Orion Shell with a pre-defined port number( When starting orion, user has to know which port number he want to use for the app runs in the shell)

  • in modules/orionode/orion.conf, give orion.proxy.port a value, like 3000, this is the pre-defined port number
  • in modules/orionode/orion.conf, set orion.context.listenPath to true
  • in modules/orionode/orion.conf give orion.context.path a path, like '/orion'.
  • run “npm install http-proxy”
  • run Node Server

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