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Orion/How Tos/How To Enable Collaboration

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Setup hub server

  • Code live in modules/orionode.collab.hub
  • Go to config.js
  change jwt_secret to any secret string, by default it's "orion collab".
  change orion to whatever the Orion Node Server's url is.
  • Run "npm install"
  • Run "node server.js", record what the url is, which will be needed in the following configurations, it might be for example"http://localhost:8082/".

Setup Orion (node)

  • Code live in modules/orionode
  • Go to orion.conf.
    Disable single user mode
    Set orion.collab.enabled to true
    Then change orion.jwt.secret to the same secret string as you set for the hub server, following the above example, it will be "orion collab".
  • Make sure mongodb server is running.
  • Go to orionode.client/defaults.pref.
  Add the following line in the ./plugin section: "collab/plugins/collabPlugin.html": true
  Add the following lines next to ./plugin obejct, the hubUrl is the url recorded when starting the Hub Server.
   "/collab": {
     "hubUrl": "http://localhost:8082/"
  • Run Orion server.

Try collaboration

There are two users A and B.

  • A: Right click on a project and select Share. Type the user name of B in the pop-up window.
  • B: Go to Shared Workspace. If A did his work correctly, B should see A's shared project.
  • Edit files in this project together.

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