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OSEE Change Report

This page should be a carbon-copy of OSEE/Users_Guide/Features#Change_Report_View which is just repeated on a separate page for convenience. It is possible that it has become out of date due to a new release of OSEE and, if you suspect this, please follow the above link.

The change report view shows all changes made to a branch.


Toolbar buttons

Command Description
Refresh.gif Refreshes the data in the change report view with the latest information.
Customize.gif Opens the table customization dialog. This allows users add or hide columns.
Bug.gif Opens an action against the Change Report View.

Toolbar Drop-Down

To display, click on the inverted triangle located on the upper right-hand side of the Change Report View.

Command Description
Show Document Order Switch presentation to show artifacts ordered by their default hierarchy relation.

Pop-up Menu

To display, perform a right-click on any branch.

Command Description
Open Opens the selected artifact using the default editor.
Open With Opens a sub-menu listing the available editor's for this artifact.
Reveal in Artifact Explorer Displays an artifacts location in the Artifact Explorer.
Resource History Opens the Resource History view for the selected artifact. This will display all transactions for this artifact.
Single Native Diff
View Word Change Report Displays a Word document populated with the branch differences of the selected artifacts.
View Viewer Report Generates a report of the Change Report View content.
Copy Copies the artifact.
Revert Artifact Reverts an artifact.
Revert Attribute Reverts an attribute.
Delete Transaction Deletes a transaction.

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