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OHF Wiki Policies

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The OHF Wiki is intended for use by developers and advanced users that are interested in the underlying architecture of OHF as well those looking to contribute to OHF. Content that is designed for end-users only (i.e. install documents, basic configuration documents) should be placed on the component-specific pages of the main OHF Web site.

It is strongly recommended that content creators keep a strict separation of content between the main Web site and Wiki for the sake of consistency. Please consider the content that you are writing before deciding whether it should go on the Wiki or Web site. A good rule of thumb is balance long-term static content vs. content that will change often. This often ties directly into the notion of public release versus unstable release of code. For example, if you are writing an install guide for a public release of your component, it is better suited to be on the main Web page, as it is primarily intended for end users and will not be modified often. On the other hand, if you are composing the next-generation architecture of your component, it will likely be modified repeatedly and fits more into a Wiki paradigm.

Content Ownership

A wiki is intended to be a collaborative environment where people are encouraged to contribute their expertise on a topic in an effort to help share knowledge. The OHF Wiki follows this principal as well. In many cases, the expert(s) on the topic will be the principal contributor for a specific page and thus act as the de facto owner. However, we encourage all users to contribute to the OHF Wiki and make changes where needed. These changes from grammatical to factual fixes all the way to adding new, useful content. It is recommended that you content the primary author before making significant changes to a specific Wiki page.


The Eclipse OHF Wiki is co-located in the same namespace as all other Eclipse project content. To ensure consistency, all OHF content pages should be prefixed with the letters 'OHF'. For component-specific pages, the component name should also be prefixed. For example, all pages relating to the IHE components of OHF will be prefixed with 'OHF IHE'. If you encounter a page belonging to OHF that does not follow this naming convention, please use the MediaWiki move function to make it conform and update the originating link.

There are exceptions to this policy for OHF-related Wiki pages that do not specifically relate to OHF work. Pages like this should not be prefixed with OHF.

Linking and Navigation


All Wiki pages should implement a back link to its logical predecessor. For example, an OHF component page should always link back to the main OHF Wiki page.

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