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The WADO client plug-in for OHF encapsulates the interactions between the client application and the web enabled DICOM server (a.k.a. WADO server). Eclipse based RCP that needs to access a WADO server to fetch DICOM images can use the WADO client plug-in in order to do it. Usually to retrieve DICOM images from a WADO server the web client should build a URL with the parameters required to identify the DICOM objects and a set of parameters to describe the desired returned image. The WADO client plug-in will hide this from the plug-in that uses it and will only provide API for the operations that can be done on the WADO server side.

Please post any questions or concerns on the OHF newsgroup at:


Not yet available

WADO Client Plugin in the CVS

For general instractions for the OHF CVS take a look at this page.

In order to use the WADO Client Plugin, you will need to download the folowing project from the CVS:

  • org.eclipse.ohf.wado.client

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