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Nightly Component Builds

Note: We are working on a new automated process. This page is partially obsolete.

This page contains information on nightly builds of Higgins Components

General Server Information

Nightly builds of Higgins Components are performed on Eclipse build server.

Connection Type  :ssh:
Host build.eclipse.org
Build Path /shared/technology/higgins

Structure of the build folder

/static-resources This folder contains all required archives, such as Eclipse platform and other required plugins/libraries. Also there located org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder project used to produce Eclipse plugins.
/static-resources/stripts This folder contains initial(starter) build scripts. Checked out scripts will also placed in this folder during the build process.
/work-dir This folder contains temporary files required for builds. Build scripts should clean this folder before each build.
/work-dir/eclipse If Eclipse runtime is required, Eclipse platrorm should be unpackaged into this folder.
/work-dir/builds This directory for temporary files of the current build.
/work-dir/tests This directory for temporary files of the tests

General CVS Information

Connection Type Committers  :ext:
Anonymous access  :pserver:
Host dev.eclipse.org
Repository Path /cvsroot/technology

Location of the build scripts

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
Automated Build Scripts org.eclipse.higgins/builds/org.eclipse.higgins.releng.auto anonymous viewcvs

How to create build scripts for automated builds

Some instructions can be found here.

Special instructions while Higgins is in the Incubation phase

  1. All downloadable zip files for builds and milestones must include the word "incubation" in the filename. For example, DSF-SDK-incubation-N20070413-0200.zip
   * The jar files in the download zip file are not required to contain the word "incubation" in the filename. (See bug 178944 for the explanation.)
  1. All "Bundle-Name"s must include the world "incubation". Note that "Bundle-SymbolicName"s should not include "incubation" because the Bundle-SymbolicName is a technical namespace, not a user namespace. For example, Bundle-Name: Foo Plug-in (Incubation)
  2. Similarly, the names for update manager features must include the word "incubation". For example, Eclipse Platform (Incubation)

Information about Components for which automated nightly builds are available

Component Build Script Last Build
Higgins Browser Extension (HBX) viewcvs last nightly build
Identity Attribute Service (IDAS) viewcvs last nightly build
Jena Context Provider viewcvs last nightly build
EODM Context Provider viewcvs last nightly build
EODM-Jena Context Provider viewcvs last nightly build
Token Service (TS) viewcvs last nightly build

This page should include a list of Components and the status of the nightly build script development. E.g. has the script been written or not, etc. n/a means "not applicable"