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Newsreader/Salvo UI Integration in the workbench/Work done during June 30 to July 6

I continued the implementation of News Digest View.

A view for the news digest view was implemented and added it to the Salvo perspective.
This view contains a Tree View for displaying the articles.
Displayed articles can be filtered from the available filters on the drop down box.
Currently Two filters are available on the digest view.
1. Show Following Treads
2. Show My Articles

Digest View operates on a single news server. This server can be selected from the toolbar button available on the Digest view.
Selected server is stored as a preference based on the workspace.

By using the context menu of this view, we can do processing of messages (answer, read, mark etc..)

I faced some difficulties in identifying how the reply articles are fetch from the server form getFollowUps method.
I discussed it with my mentor and I was able to understand it by tracking the getNextBatch method.

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