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Newsreader/Salvo UI Integration in the workbench/Work done during June 23 to June 29

I started the implementation of Digest View. Digest View is a very important part of Salvo.

Following are the requirements of digest view (Extracted from Wim's mail sent to list)

  • Operates on a single news server (e.g.
  • Enables processing of messages (answer, read, etc..)
  • Able to show a condensed form of a subset of articles in all or some subscribed newsgroups
  • Enables the user to make a number of easy switchable filters that condens in different ways:

      1. that enables tracking of threads that I started or participated in

      2. filter that enables showing threads of interest

      3. mark newsgroups of interest and not so interest

      4. filters out postings that are older than xxxx

      5. other filters and combination of filters

To implement the digest view UI first we have to make sure that we have the required functionalities available in our API. getThisUserArticles() is one of the functions we added recently to use in the digest view.

To implement the digest view UI, as a starting point I thought of getting familiar with ArticlePanel Editor implementation.

To implement the filter that enables showing threads which are interest of the user, we have to fetch the marked articles from newsgroups. So I implemented a new function in the ServerStoreFacade to handle it. It is good to have a such function rather than fetching all articles and check for isMarked one by one. The code was reviewed by my mentor and he pulled the changes to the Salvo main repository.

There are two functions available now on the ServerStoreFacade to get marked articles

1. getMarkedArticles - get marked articles of a particular newsgroup

2. getAllMarkedArticles - get marked articles for all newsgroups

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