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Before the Release

Prepare Build Environment

  • once Checkout releng on
git clone /gitroot/mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.git
  • Update releng on from Git
cd ~/org.eclipse.mylyn/
git pull
  • once Make sure your have Java 5.0 or later in your path. Settings for $HOME/.bashrc on
export JAVA_HOME=/opt/public/common/jdk-1.6.x86_64
export ECLIPSE_HOME=~/.m2/repository/org/eclipse/tycho/tycho-p2-runtime/0.12.0/eclipse
  • once Run Maven on to download runtime
cd org.eclipse.mylyn
mvn package
  • once Create symlinks for convenience
ln -s /home/data/httpd/ ~/archive
ln -s org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.releng ~/releng

Create a Branch

  • major release Branch integration repository
git clone ssh:// src-3_6_x
cd src-3_6_x
git checkout -b 3_7_m_3_6_x
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • major release Branch each sub-project
git submodule foreach git checkout -b 3_7_m_3_6_x master
  • major release Request mylyn-3.6.x-release job on Hudson cloning an existing release job

Prepare Source Code

Internationalize Messages

  • Run Source > Find Broken Externalized Strings over all bundles
  • Run Source > Externalize Strings over all bundles

Update User Guide from the Wiki

  • Run as an Ant Build (ensure WikiText is checked out into your workspace)
  • Review the user guide and commit changes

Update Copyright Notices

  • Update the year in the about.ini to the current year
  • Update the year in all feature.xml files to the current year for changed features
  • Update the year in copyright notices of changed source files: Install platform releng tools, Project context menu > Fix Copyrights

Backport changes to the Platform Specific Branches

  • Merge changes from master in each branched module
git merge master

Update Integration Repository

  • Update integration repository to point to latest sub-project revisions
cd src-3_6_x

Run Tests

The Release

Update Target

  • Update target files in org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn-target to point to release sites of dependencies to ensure builds are reproducible in the future

Tag Sources

  • Tag the release as R_x_y_z (and R_x_y_z_e_3_3 if plug-ins are branched)
./ git tag R_3_6_3
  • Tag sub-projects with their respective versions as vx.y.z (e.g. v0.8.1):
  • Push tags
git submodule foreach git push --tags


mvn -Prelease -DforceContextQualifier=v20110304-0100 -Ppublish -Pindigo -Dexplicit-target -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dtycho-version=0.12.0 -Dsign-dir=tools/mylyn/hudson/release clean install
  • Snapshot build (manually):
mvn -Psnapshot -Ppublish -Pindigo -Dexplicit-target -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dtycho-version=0.12.0 -Dsign-dir=tools/mylyn/hudson/snapshot clean install

Verify Update Site Contents

  • Check that only approved features are on the update site
  • Check that all Orbit bundles are tracked in approved CQs

Update Discovery Jar

Run org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.discovery-directory/build-helper.xml to produce a new jar (check that the listings are up to date first). Then copy org.eclipse.mylyn.discovery.jar to ~/downloads/mylyn/discovery/, renaming it with the Mylyn version.

Make a second copy of the jar named with the next Mylyn version so that updating the framework version after the release (below) will not cause tests to fail.

Test Install

Prepare Download Area

  • Log into
  • Remove Old Integration Builds
rm -rf ~/downloads/mylyn/drops/3.6.0/I*
  • Also remove all RC builds (builds starting with a 'v') other than the latest
  • Copy Release to
cp -a ~/downloads/mylyn/drops/3.6.0 /home/data/httpd/
  • Run script to add mirror URLs
cd ~/downloads/mylyn/drops/3.6.0/
  • Check that the content.jar contains the following property:
<property name="p2.mirrorsURL" value=""/>

Update Release Repository Content

  • Log into
  • Update filters in ~/downloads/mylyn/releases/*/composite.index
    • Ensure that ~/downloads/mylyn/releases/3.6 exists, where 3.6 is the version to be released, and that it contains a composite.index with appropriate content
  • Update release composite sites
cd ~/downloads/mylyn/releases/
~/releng/bin/ -r
cp -r 3.6 latest

Create API Baseline

  • major releases Create an API baseline zip
 ~/releng/bin/ 3.6.0 v20110608-1400

Update Website

  • Update the version number on download page
  • Update the snapshot section on the download page
  • Create a new section on download archive page
  • major releases Add a link to the new API baseline on the download archive page and update the developer page
  • Create a new section in the New & Noteworthy
  • Update the News section at

Update Babel

  • Make release available in Eclipse Babel for translation (major releases only)

Announce Release


  • Edit updates.xml in website Git repository

Update Eclipse Info Center

Update Marketplace Listings

After the Release

Create Discovery Directory

Create a discovery/directory-XX.xml for the new Mylyn version in the website Git, commenting out any 3rd party jars that haven't been created yet.

Update Versions

  • Edit versions in org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.releng/bin/
  • Push reviews in dependency order. After each set of reviews is merged, wait for the corresponding nightly builds to publish new snapshots before pushing the next set of reviews. Push sets of reviews in this order:
  1. docs, commons, org.eclipse.mylyn
  2. tasks, versions
  3. context, reviews, builds
  4. incubator
  • Update versions in org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.ui/.settings/.api_filters

Update Repository URL

  • major release Edit URL in org.eclipse.mylyn-feature/feature.xml

Create Download Area

  • Create download directory
mkdir ~/downloads/mylyn/drops/3.7.0/
setfacl -m user:hudsonBuild:rwx ~/downloads/mylyn/drops/3.7.0/
setfacl -R -x user:hudsonBuild ~/downloads/mylyn/drops/3.6.0/
  • major release Create snapshot site
cp -a ~/downloads/mylyn/snapshots/3.6 ~/downloads/mylyn/snapshots/3.7
  • major release Update composite site indices
emacs ~/downloads/mylyn/snapshots/*/composite.index
  • Update snapshot sites
cd ~/downloads/mylyn/snapshots/
~/releng/bin/ -r
  • major release Create Incubator download directory
mkdir ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator/drops/3.7.0
setfacl -m user:hudsonBuild:rwx ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator/drops/3.7.0/
setfacl -R -x user:hudsonBuild ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator/drops/3.6.0/
  • major release Create Incubator site
cp -a ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator/3.6 ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator/3.7
emacs ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator/3.7/composite.index
  • Update composite site
cd ~/downloads/mylyn/incubator
~/releng/bin/ -r

Add Bugzilla Versions and Milestones

Update Project Plan


  • need to run this every time after deleting drops to make sure there are no stale references