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Mylyn/Incubator/Generic Industrial Connector/Configuring Industrial Connector using Nothing

This page describes how you can implement a Mylyn connector in 5 minutes using your computers memory as the persistance medium.

Step 1: Get the Source

Point your favorit SVN client towards

and get all the projects. If you want to build the memory connector yourself then close the reference implementation project org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.demo.memory to get it out of the way.

Step 2: Create a Fragment Project

Create a fragment project for your connector with the org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.core project as the host.

Step 3: Create a connector.xml

This is going to be moved to the extension point mechanism in a very near future version. For now, create a connector.xml file in the root of your project with the following contents:

Here is the source

There is already a reference project called org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.demo.memory where you can also view the comments in this file.

Step 4: Implement IPersistor

Make an extension to org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.core.persistor and open the class that you have typed in there. Make sure the name of this class appears in the config.xml described in step 3.

Now implement the class like we did in this link. (You can also copy the source to the clipboard and paste it in the source folder of your project)

Step 5: Give it a Spin


  • Open the Build tab in the fragement and make sure to include connector.xml on the binary build
  • Create a run configuration and connect your fragment project and then "Add required projects". Run and when the workspace comes up,
  • Open the Mylyn task list and the Mylyn repository views.
  • Create a new repository and select "Industrial" --> Next.


  • Type "jdbc:memory://helloworld" as the repos, give it a fancy name and select the name you have placed in the connector.xml ("Memory" in our example)


  • Press finish
  • Press Yes


  • Enter some criteria


  • Create tasks.

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