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Modeling Project Committer Database

Steps to maintain the Modeling Project's Committer/Contributor Database:

1. ssh to

2. mysql modeling -u modeling_db -p -A

3. enter password when prompted (ask Nick Boldt if you don't know it)

4. perform tweaks to database; you can get details about the schema using these commands:

mysql> show tables;
mysql> describe developers;
mysql> describe teams;
mysql> describe groups;

5. note that every entry in the developers table must have at least one matching entry in the teams table.

mysql> INSERT INTO developers (committerid,name,email,role,company,location,website,photoURL) VALUES 
(, 'Jose Alfredo Serrano Gonzalez', '', 'EMF Searc Contributor', 
'Anyware Technologies', 'Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France', , '/modeling/images/team/jgonzalez.jpg');
mysql> update developers set role = 'EMF Search Contributor' where email like 'alfredo%';
mysql> select * from developers where email like 'alfredo%';
mysql> insert into teams values ('emf-search',56,0);

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