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The Modeling Amalgamation Project (just amalgam for short) will provide improved packaging, integration, and usability of Modeling project components.


Activity Explorer

ActivityExplorer overview01.png Activity Explorer Page

Contextual Explorer

ContextualExplorer image01.png Contextual Explorer Page

Discovery (inactive)

It ease discovery of modeling components through a discovery ui easing installation of those. The discovery is here to help you attract more users and get more feedback, as such it's as open as possible, If you want to be part of it, just ask through a bugzilla.

The only requirement are

  • being an Eclipse project and following the Eclipse Development Process
  • testing your contribution

You're not required to be part of the release train though it makes collaboration easier with other projects. Projects can also provide early adopters versions, the user will be informed of this status when selecting the component.

Your component will be removed from the discovery UI if :

  • its installation is failing
  • major integration issues are not adressed



Releases compatibility

Even if releases might be compatible with upper Eclipse and Sirius versions as used API doesn't change that much, the table below lists which minimum versions the releases have been tested. A given amalgam release will requires at least the listed Eclipse and Sirius release installed in the targeted Eclipse.

Release Release Date Eclipse Compatibility Sirius Compatibility
1.12.0 2020-12-31 2020-06 6.4.0
1.11.0 2019-09-25 2019-06 6.3.x
1.10.1 2019-05-10 Oxygen.3 6.1.3
1.10.0 2018-11-19 Oxygen.3 6.1.1
1.9.2 2018-12-03 Neon.3 5.1.4
1.9.1 2018-11-19 Neon.3 5.1.2
1.9.0 2018-03-08 Neon.3 5.1.0
1.8.0 2017-06-22 Mars & Neon & Oxygen 4.1.x
1.7.0 2016-06-22 Mars & Neon 3.1 & 4.0
1.6.0 2015-06-24 Mars



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