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Minutes from meeting on Nov 22th


Gerry Preisler Andrei Sharkin Johnson Ma Oisin Hurley Adrian Skehill


Meeting opened with Adrian nominated to take the minutes.

Adrian outlined that due to other work commitments, he was unable to spend too much time on the build system. However, he has committed the first part of the buckminster work, but due to the fact that our svn repository doesn't support http, he wont be able to completed out automated builds as buckminster cannot checkout out code using svn:// protocol. Oisin agreed to follow up with the web team to see if we could get this access sorted out.

In addition to this week, Adrian explained that he had committed the SOPERA policy code to svn under the contrib section. This would move to its new home when the components were provisioned in the repository. Johnson asked when these would be ready. Adrian said he saw that a im component had already been created. Johnson replied that paper work to provision all these components had been submitted to eclipse and should be ready soon.

Adrian also explained the ssh security policy that is in effect on eclipse machines. Basically, if an incorrectly configured svn client trys to open an ssh connection to any eclipse machine without a userid, that domain will be blocked by the eclipse infrastructure. To get unblocked you will need to mail the giving the IP address that your request would have come from. It was felt that the policy was a little too harsh and Adrian agreed to follow up with the web team to see if it could be made a little more forgiving.

Oisin explained that he will be updating the web site shortly to have sections for the new components. He will be updating the committer list with all the new committers that have joined. He is also spending time on updating the Enterprise Patterns editor and SCA assembly editor code so it's in the correct packaging for contribution. Johnson said he found a number of dead and out of date links on the STP website. Adrian and Oisin explained he should raise bugzillas for pages outside of his immediate scope.

Andrei, David and Johnson are having a follow on phone call later today to discuss the policy editor integration and will send out separate minutes. The time of this call is 12:00 CET, dial in details same as the STP weekly call.

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