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MemoryAnalyzer/Learning Material


Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tutorial by Lars Vogel.

Automated Heap Dump Analysis: Finding Memory Leaks with One Click by Krum Tsvetkov, part of the Memory Analyzer blog

10 Tips for using the Eclipse Memory Analyzer by Ian Bull

Analyzing the Memory Consumption of Eclipse by Markus Kohler.

Detect duplicated/conflicting libs/classes by Aurelien Pupier

Analyzing Java Collections Usage with Memory Analyzer

The Memory Analyzer grew up at SAP. Back then, Krum blogged about Finding Memory Leaks with SAP Memory Analyzer. The content is still relevant.


Eclipse Summit Europe, Ludwigsburg, 4 November '10

TheServerSide Java Symposium - Europe, Prague, October '09

JavaOne, San Francisco, June '09

Eclipse Summit Europe Ludwigsburg, 20 November, '08

JavaOne, San Francisco, May '08

EclipseCon, March '08 (Slides)

JavaOne, San Francisco, May '07