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M2T-JET-FAQ/How do I navigate an XMI model with JET?/Using the EMF Reflective Editor

The EMF Reflective editor let's you create test documents from an Ecore model that you are developing. Here's how:

Creating an XMI document using the ECore Reflective Editor

Create an XMI file based on you ecore model as follows:

  1. Open your .ecore file in the ECore editor.
  2. Navigate to the class that will be the root element in your document.
  3. Right click that class, and click Create Dynamic Instance
  4. Enter a file name, and click OK.

Opening the .XMI file in the ECore Reflective Editor

On my system, the .xmi file opens in the XML editor. To open in the ECore editor, do the following:

  1. Open your .ecore file
  2. Right click and choose Load Resource
  3. Click Browse Workspace and find your .xmi file.
  4. Click OK

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