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Lyo/General Setup for OSLC4J Development

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General Setup for OSLC4J development

You first need to setup an Eclipse environment for general OSLC4J development:

  1. Unless already installed, you need to first install the JDK 8 (see the prerequisites).
  2. Install your preferred Eclipse distribution. Which distribution to use?
  3. Once Eclipse is installed, you need to make sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the installed JDK (instead of the default JRE).
    1. Select Window-->Preferences
    2. Select Java-->Installed JREs
    3. Click Add...
    4. In the new window that appears,
      1. choose Standard VM as JRE Type
      2. click Next.
      3. As JRE home choose the installation dir of your JDK
      4. click Finish.
    5. Back to the preferences screen
      1. select the old JRE
      2. click Remove
      3. check the newly added JDK and
      4. click OK.

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