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Koneki/LDT/User Guide/Getting started

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Getting started

In order to be able to enjoy Lua Development Tools, there only a few steps.

  • Create a project
    • Name it
  • Edit a Lua source file

Create a project

For your code to benefit from Lua Development Tool, it has to be marked as Lua compliant. How could you do this. Just create a Lua Project, it will add Lua nature to your code.

Choose Lua Project

Select the right project type: Lua Project.


Name it

Just enter a valid name.


Edit a Lua source file

Now that your project is created. You might want to write some Lua. In every project, there is a default source folder so far named src. You can edit the main.lua file in it.


Source folders are imported, as they are the one processed to compute tooling information. As example, if you code a module outside any source folder, when called from another module or script, it content won't be available in code assistance.


You can also know more about other features:

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