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JWT Tutorial ViewsSwitching

This page deals with differnt views in the Workflow Editor. If you want to create your own views please refer to How to design your own views.

Switching between views

You can select different views in the workflow editor: there are at least two views available: the business and the technical view. In the technical view you can see all the details described above. In the business view the presentation is limited to the most important facts that are interesting for a business manager: the control flow, the kinds of actions and the responsibilities. Hence, the business view enables that a business manager can specify his process and does not need to be concerned about technical details. The administrator or a developer can then afterwards add the technical information and can already use the information specified by the business manager before. So now, if you switch to the business view (by activating the Business entry in the toolbar) you can see the same process model as before like this:

Business representation of the previously modeled workflow

Now a more complicated example:

Technical representation of a workflow
Business view of the workflow

Hint Notice that the available elements in the palette and the objects shown in the outline view, as well as the entries in the property sheet also change according to the selected view.

Additional Views

There are several additional views for the workflow editor.

UML Activity Diagram

One example in an UML Activity diagram view:

BookOrderJWT UMLAD.png

Event Process Chains (EPC)

The same example in a view for event-driven process chains (EPC):

BookOrderJWT EPC.png

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