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JWT Tests


The aim of this page is to list a set of tools and references that could be used to write tests in JWT, to put JWT into a continuous integration process.


Inspired by:

Resources and tools

Unit testing

  • PDE JUnit. More informations in chapter 12 of Kent Beck and Erich Gamma's book: [Contributing to Eclipse: Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plug-In] (Translated in French at CampusPress edition)
    • Allows to use unit test that depend on Eclipse framework (loads Eclipse framework in another JVM, and then run tests)
    • It is advised to use one test plugin for each plugin we want to test. This way, we have a better control on dependencies, and it facilitate the use of Test-Driven Development.
  • JMock is often used to create mock files in unit testing process.
    • Can we mock some SWT classes?

UI testing

Open-Source :)

Commercial :(

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