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JWT EclipseForum2009

Location & Link

The Eclipse Forum Europe is a part of JAX 2009 and is scheduled for April, 20th to 24th 2009 in Mainz, Germany.

Each session has 60 minutes, so there will be enough time to present some more things than at EclipseCon'09.

Presentation proposal in German

Title: Geschäftsprozesse ausführen mit Eclipse JWT

Abstract: Das Eclipse-Projekt Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) erlaubt es Geschäftsprozesse nicht nur zu modellieren, sondern auch diese an existierende Prozess-Engines anzupassen und dann darauf auszuführen. Es stellt eine Menge von Tools für das Deployment, Codegenerierung sowie Monitoring von Geschäftsprozessen zur Verfügung, die direkt in Eclipse genutzt werden können.

Presentation proposal in English

Title: Execute your processes with Eclipse JWT


The aim of the Eclipse project Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) is to develop a toolset that not only allows to model processes but also to execute them on existing process and workflow engines. JWT offers users an adaptable and extensible set of tools in Eclipse for code generation (e.g. XPDL- or WSBPEL-code, but also HTML documentation), deployment, execution and monitoring of business processes.

Fitted with a flexible mechanism that allows to customize the underlying EMF core model and with support for all kind of views, vendors can build tools on top of JWT suited for their domain.

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