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TODO : document this plugin.


See the ECM section in trunk or preferably in the ecm_support branch. When working on a CMIS server, this tool can be especially useful, in particular to list available types: CMIS workbench

Running the demo

Please note that for the demo to run correctly:

  • a specific folder must exist. Its path depends on which demo you run (Nuxeo or Alfresco), and is specified in the transformation's description (on the export wizard page).
  • if using Nuxeo, please use Nuxeo 5.6, which works just fine. If using a Nuxeo 5.5 Server, prefer version 5.5-HF09. Earlier versions may be buggy, and next ones may suffer from regression. Please note that you won't be able to display the created relationships, since a bug (solved in version 5.6) affects Nuxeo 5.5.

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