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JSDT/Debug/Using Google Chrome Debugger

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Experimental Code
The Google Chrome debugger is in a experimental/propotype stage. The code is brittle and many use cases are not supported.


The Google Chrome debugger is an experiment to see if the JSDT debugger APIs can be hooked up to another debugger that was not co-developed with JSDI in mind. Google Chrome allows debuggers to connect as clients to WebInspector communicating with the v8 protocol.

Installing Components

  1. Install Eclipse with JSDT Debug
  2. Install Google Chrome

Creating the Configuration

Once everything is installed and ready to go simply:

  1. open the launch configuration dialog in debug mode
  2. create a new JavaScript configuration
  3. select one of the Google Chrome launching connectors, fill in the fields as needed and press debug

If you chose the Google Chrome attaching connector, and did not check the option to automatically launch the browser, you will have to ensure that Chrome is running and was started with the correct command line parameters. For example:

chrome --remote-shell-port=9222

More information on starting the browser for client connections can be found [[1]].

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