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Information for Reusing Eclipse Components within your RCP application

Goal of this Page

This page should collect hints on how to get the relevant information on how to use an extension from eclipse (like the project explorer, the perspective editor, standard commands etc), within your own Eclipse RCP application. The purpose is especially to collect the plugins and their ids, along with additional information on how to use the.

Please edit this page for it to become useful!

How to extract information about components

  • A good source on how to extract information about installed plugins is Vogella's article [1]
  • The Plugin-Spy is a must (press Shift+Alt+F1 within an editor, wizard, .. etc. or Shift+Alt+F2 and select a menu entry)

List of specific Extensions/Functionality

Functionality Extension Point Source Plugin ID Notes
Save Command org.eclipse.ui.commands org.eclipse.ui see plugin.xml in org.eclipse.ui_*.jar for more
Exit Command org.eclipse.ui.commands org.eclipse.ui org.eclipse.ui.file.exit see plugin.xml in org.eclipse.ui_*.jar for more
Cut Command org.eclipse.ui.commands org.eclipse.ui org.eclipse.ui.edit.cut see plugin.xml in org.eclipse.ui_*.jar for more
Add views short list/perspective short list etc. Utilize ContributionItemFactory, see Czetsuya's tech blog [2]

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