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How should COSMOS set locale information

Consider the following diagram that shows several COSMOS components that interact with one another. The following diagram illustrates multiple users submitting CMDBf queries to a set of MDRs.


Notice that each component can be deployed on different machines. Also notice that each machine may have different locale settings.

There are two configuration options that are possible to support internationalization

1. Locale is set based on deployment machine

  • The COSMOS component will get the locale information from the machine it is deployed on.
  • This option will not work well in multi language environments where each component is on machines with different locale settings. The end user will see information in different locales.
  • This option is only viable in single language environments

2. Locale is sent from the user per request

  • The client browser sends locale information in the request. Each component that receives the request uses the locale information sent and passes this information along to the next component.
  • This requires additional thought in the current COSMOS design of several components
    • UI Components
    • Data Collection Components
      • MDRs
      • non MDRS
    • CMDBf spec
      • Does CMDBf query support locale information?

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