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Hibachi project: ADA AST for Eclipse


Purpose of this project is to create AST for ADA just like in JDT (Java Development Toolkit).

An Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) is the base framework for many powerful tools of a language IDE. For Hibachi, the Ada Development Toolkit project (like JDT or CDT), the presence of an AST would allow many more powerful IDE features, and improve those already in place (like refactoring, code folding, reformatting).

Hibachi Information:

The goal of the Hibachi project is to create an Ada Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and tooling framework for the Eclipse platform.

More information about hibachi can be found:

Official project site is at Hibachi


  • Student: Bartosz Lipinski
  • Mentor: Adam Haselhuhn

Getting the source

Hibachi SVN


  • Simple way to access information about source file in objective way.
  • Unreliable way of recovering tree after adding wrong node.
  • Clean names and interfaces of classes and hide ANTLR generated code from end user.

Community Proposals


Hibachi ADT Website

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