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Google Summer of Code 2011 Ideas/ECF Salvo

A subproject of ECF aims to provide a communications layer to NNTP servers (network news or forums) as well as a slick newsreader that is operated from within the Eclipse IDE.

Downloads and more Information Google on Salvo

The newsreader and the underlying protocol implementation is currently release 0.7.0 with 0.8.0 pending. The project has all the basic stuff: A local storage, subscribe to server, subscribe to newsgroups, read and post of articles.

There are several fields where students can work on on this project:

UI Integration in the workbench

  • We want a have a view that provides the user with a digest of all the articles that are of interest to him or her. This view contains all the recent articles, replies to threads that the user participates in and following of interesting threads. Other projects can create an exit point or tell a service that this projects is connected to this and that newsgroup. Questions can be asked right from the workbench. Committers and other interested parties get notified when a topic arrives in his newsgroup.
  • The UI currently does not view attachements. Mime support has already been built in.


The protocol implementation can be extended to provide support for writing and reading of binaries. With this functionality, other protocols could be implemented, most notably the nzb protocol. Newsgroup leeching is a very popular way of file transfer and many uses other then piracy can be envisioned.

Other uses

Newsgroups contain a lot of information that is not easy accessible. Use the protocol implementation together with a tool like Apache Lucene to index a news server. The Eclipse UI could then be used as a search client for newsgroups.

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