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The use Gemini Naming, you'll need to download the Gemini Naming Bundle, found at:

Gemini Naming Download

Gemini Naming depends upon the JNDI services interfaces defined in the "org.osgi.service.jndi" package of the OSGi Enterprise Standard, v4.2. These interfaces are included in the Gemini Naming bundle, so there is no need to download these separately to use Gemini Naming.

Gemini Naming also depends upon the "javax.naming" packages that comprise the JNDI interfaces in Java. The "javax.naming" package is provided by the JDK, so there is no need to download a separate jar for these interfaces.

Here are the steps to install Gemini Naming:

  1. Download the Gemini Naming bundle, found at Gemini Naming Download.
  2. Download an install an OSGi Framework that is compliant with the OSGi Enterprise Specification, v4.2.
  3. Install the Gemini Naming Bundle into the OSGi Framework.

The Gemini Naming bundle can be installed into any OSGi Enterprise v4.2-compliant framework.

The following are examples of OSGi Frameworks that Gemini Naming can be installed to:

  1. Eclipse Equinox, found at Equinox Download
  2. Apache Felix, found at Felix Download

Please consult the documentation for the OSGi Framework that is being used in order to determine the correct process for installing bundles into the Framework.