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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Sept 9 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday Sept 9, 2010

Attendees: Bob Nettleton, Shaun Smith, Mike Keith, Glyn Normington

  1. Subproject Updates
    • Web
      • Released M4 milestone
    • Naming
      • Still thinking of a demo ideas
  2. CQ Approvals
    • Mike submitted decision document for test dependency CQs and left some issues in Eclipse legal hands. Will update the doc once the issues have come back.
    • Glyn reports that the Gemini Web dependency CQs are all pretty much taken care of at this point
  3. Testing Strategies
    • Testing discussion between Shaun and Glyn to move to the wiki or dev list
    • Framework was originally written by Rob Harrop, but questions should be directed to Glyn
  4. Release and Incubation
    • Mike still has the action to send out the list of items for Gemini to meet in order to release and to leave incubation
  5. Meetings
    • Mike and Shaun will be away for the next few weeks, so consult the meeting schedule on the wiki for next meeting
  6. Common Code
    • Short discussion of what to do with common code across Gemini
    • Probably not worth creating another subproject for, especially given the overhead for each subproject
    • Considering using the Gemini SVN for common code and letting subprojects just take binaries (using the parent project SVN as the master for the common code)
    • Glyn mentioned that they likely won't migrate common code from Virgo immediately

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