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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Sep 27 2011

Gemini Meeting - Tues Sept 27, 2011

Attendees: Mike Keith, Tom Ware, Juergen Kissner, Glyn Normington

  1. Subproject Updates
    • DBAccess
      • Juergen has had no specific feedback on the last DBAccess RC
      • Will go ahead and release this week
      • To coordinate with Mike to get the bits ready so JPA can release as well
    • JPA
      • Released RC3 and seems stable enough
      • Finished off remainder of the doc in preparation for the release
    • Web
      • Released 2.01 for Tomcat upgrade
    • Management
      • Gemini Web will be using the project going forward and is willing to commit some resources to it
      • Juergen stated that he was not sure of Peter P's status with the project
      • Need to find out if SAP folks are able to commit any resources to help
      • Action: Glyn to send another email to clarify everyone's commitment level
  2. Common Repos
    • Gemini folder on download site was decided to be the common P2 location
    • Not sure if Violeta ended up getting access
    • Action: Mike to check on current status of permissions