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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Oct 11 2011

Gemini Meeting - Tues Oct 11, 2011

Attendees: Mike Keith, Tom Ware, Krum Tsvetkov, Shaun Smith, Violeta Georgieva, Lazar Kirchev, Juergen Kissner

  1. Subproject Updates
    • JPA
      • Released 1.0.0, good feedback so far
      • Adoption of the project is growing, with a number of people willing to contribute
      • Krum to look at fixing the tests
        • run as part of the build, controlled by Tycho
        • finer grained control of bundle loading order
      • Will probably schedule a dot release sometime before the end of the year to include some of the new features people as asking for
      • Add a capability provided by the JPA impl for clients to be able to require
    • DBAccess
      • Did a simultaneous 1.0.0 release with JPA on Sept 30
      • Will focus next on adding support for MySQL
      • Had discussion about bundling options again
        • Either have a separate bundle for the shared code or package it in each of the DB-specific bundles
        • Some JDBC drivers currently ship with OSGi bundle support, others don't
        • Would ideally like the JDBC producers to take the code from DBAccess and use it to provide their own support
        • In the short term we need to provide consumers with JDBC bundle support
        • Juergen to decide on a strategy that is both easy to build and maintain and easy for users to consume
    • Management
      • Lazar (new committer) is going to be working on getting a proper build in place
      • Need to add some tests since there does not appear to be any
      • Question about whether OSGi CT tests can be used - don't know if it has been resolved within Eclipse yet
      • Action: Mike to find out what the current state of OSGi licensing is
      • New JMX features are coming out in the next spec
        • David B is working on this, and Alex Alves may be helping with the tests
        • Action: Mike to talk to Alex to see if he would be interested in donating any tests that he writes to Gemini Mgmt as well as the CT
    • Web
      • Working on a few bugs, none critical
      • Web site areas and wiki was updated with some examples
      • Preparing for EclipseCon demo combining Web with Naming
  2. Common Repo
    • Common Gemini P2 site now available to all projects
    • Used for project releases, not builds or milestones
  3. Git Migration
    • JPA is considering moving to Git
    • DBAccess has already requested a Git repo
    • Not a priority for Management right now