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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Nov 30 2010

Gemini Meeting - Tueday Nov 30, 2010

Attendees: Costin Leau, Mike Keith, Juergen Kissner, Tom Ware, Shaun Smith, Bob Nettleton

  1. Subproject Updates
    • Blueprint
      • Have been following the Config Admin spec changes in OSGi EEG and waiting for a stable point to implement
      • Will have the feature ready by January to meet the release schedule
    • Management
      • Peter Peshev from SAP has agreed to take over the project
      • Action: Mike to add Peter as a committer and ask webmaster to make him the project lead
    • Naming
      • All CQs are now approved
      • Working on IP log and doc (bit at a time as time permits)
    • DBAccess
      • Juergen Kissner from SAP has agreed to take this project
      • Tom added a patch for MySQL support - should be able to get this in before the release
      • Mike entered a MySQL workswith CQ - already approved
      • Action: Mike to add Juergen as a committer and ask webmaster to make him the project lead
    • JPA
      • Put out milestone M3 a couple of weeks ago
      • Tom and Shaun are adding in some more features
      • More bugs from users are being entered at this point
  2. Project CQs
    • All project CQs have been approved
  3. Graduation and Release
    • Went through the updated graduation proposal and all agreed to the dates
    • Will try to graduate and release together
  4. Integration issues
    • Discussed the problem described in forum question
    • Bob to repackage Naming to include the osgi.jndi service package interfaces and ensure they are substitutable

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