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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes May 22 2012

Gemini Meeting - Tues May 22, 2012

Attendees: Juergen Kissner, Glyn Normington, Mike Keith

  1. Actions from Last Meeting
    • Violeta - Send out information on how to apply for CT access - Done
    • All - Add releases to Maven repo - Pending
  2. Subproject Updates
    • Naming
      • Violeta has been preparing a release and was expecting to get it done this past weekend
      • Seems the Gemini download folder is not accessible to all Gemini subproject leads
        • Mike entered an Eclipse bug requesting access for leads
      • Violeta seems to have fallen ill, so that has likely delayed the release
    • JPA
      • Not much progress to report since last meeting
      • Examined problems with running in RCP applications and Glassfish
        • Wanted to know if other projects had any experience running in Glassfish - apparently none
      • Will put out a milestone this week
    • DBAccess
      • Will put out a milestone this week to line up with JPA milestone
      • Can wait for subsequent milestone/release to incorporate H2 input
    • Management
      • Need to have an acting project lead
        • Peter has indicated that he would no longer have the time to spend on the project
        • Lazar or Chris could be the lead
        • Action: Mike - Arrange for new Management project lead
    • Blueprint
      • Andy Piper has rejoined as a committer, and Aaron Whiteside has been recently added as a new committer
      • Working toward a new 1.01 release
        • Upgrade to use Spring 3.1
  3. Other
    • Virgo and Gemini JPA
      • Discussion about whether there are any specific requirements for Gemini JPA to work in Virgo
      • Some effort is underway to run Web Profile CTS on Virgo kernel (Nano)
        • Not sure whether Gemini JPA is being used in that effort - will discuss in next meeting

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