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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes May 13 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday May 13, 2010

Attendees: Mike Keith, Bob Nettleton, Shaun Smith, Chris Frost, Costin Leau

  • Subproject Updates
    • Web
      • Overcame some tough CQ issues
      • Hope to commit code next week or the week after
    • Naming
      • Still not checked code in, waiting for dependency CQ approval to check it all in together
    • JPA
      • Waiting for OSGi enterprise spec companion code CQ to be approved before code can be built
    • DBAccess
      • Just got approval to check in the initial code contribution under parallel IP
    • Management
      • Initial code contrib was repackaged and prepared for CQ
      • CQ has been submitted and will hopefully be approved soon
    • Blueprint
      • Migrated and checked in the integration tests - had lots of leftover Spring references
      • Plan to run OSGi CT on it to ensure compliance
      • Would like to do a milestone release
      • Have lots of works-with dependencies that have not been CQ-ed
      • Will wait until PMC discussion completes before filing all of the CQs
  • CQs for testing
    • PMC discussion still ongoing
    • Will update group when issues are resolved
  • Gemini logo
    • Chris to put the images in gemini/images for all subprojects to use in their web sites
    • Will also put them on the wiki so they can be used in presentations and talks
  • Documentation
    • DocBook
      • EclipseLink and Spring use it
      • Provides a way to generate PDF and HTML, as well as be editable in any editor
      • Will also allow combining documentation if we ever want to do that
      • All subprojects should use it

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