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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes July 15 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday July 15, 2010

Attendees: Mike Keith, Bob Nettleton, Shaun Smith, Costin Leau, Glyn Normington

  • Subproject Updates
    • Naming
      • Just need to do some file zips to get a downloadable file
      • Hope to do that sometime next week
    • Blueprint
      • Milestone is available now
      • No feedback yet (not sure if this indicates lack of use or lack of problems)
      • Ran OSGi CT on Gemini Blueprint before milestone
      • Trying to work out getting Gemini Blueprint checked into OSGi repo for subsequent test runs
    • Web
      • Some contributions from SAP developer
      • Looked at ways to run tests with Blueprint but because they each control the lifecycle of the bundle there is no way they can share the same bundle. Need to use the service registry to access services exported by blueprint components
    • DBAccess
      • Some supporting files and cleanup is being done to prepare for milestone
    • JPA
      • EclipseLink changes mostly complete
      • No EclipseLink release is coming up after all, but an EclipseLink milestone will be used by Gemini JPA
      • Will need a hook in Gemini Web to allow additional processing code to detect persistence unit in .war file - Shaun to enter a bug to track Web/JPA usage
      • Not currently any way to do good test case delegation in Spring test framework. Costin doesn't have the time to put it in but if Shaun wants to work on it then Costin may be able to help out when needed
  • Shared Resources
    • Do we want to place osgi.enterprise in the shared Gemini SVN?
      • Ivy users download it during build and use cached repo image during local compiles
      • Maven users need to check it out locally and masquerade as a Maven repo to access it
      • Will decide amongst SVN users whether we want to just share access to the bundle (is already approved for use and storage)
  • Consider ideas and suggestions for incubation emergence - to be discussed at next meeting

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