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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Jul 5 2011

Gemini Meeting - Tues July 5, 2011

Attendees: Mike Keith, Tom Ware, Shaun Smith, Glyn Normington

  1. Subproject Updates
    • JPA
      • Bug fixes and upgrading to new Equinox release
      • Will release RC2 this week
      • Want to have an RC that is exactly what gets shipped (no code added to release)
      • Plan to add the new weaving code before GA -> Will need to add another RC before the release
    • Web
      • Bug fixes to ensure that all CT tests pass
      • Was finished until BJ entered another bug recently
      • Plan is to release 2.0 in Aug (incl in Virgo 3.0)
  2. RI status of Gemini components
    • Gemini Web
      • Plan is to continue to be the RI for the next enterprise release
    • Gemini JPA
      • Not sure if another version of the JPA RI is going to be required, but it will be ready if so
    • Gemini Management
      • Still not resolved with Alex A and Peter P
    • Gemini Blueprint
      • Will not be the RI going forward
  3. Gemini Demo
    • Shaun to go ahead and put the demo in the Gemini git repo
  4. Common Repos
    • Nexus maven repo is available, just need to get credentials
    • Most of the Gemini committers are not knowledgable in P2
      • SAP folks seem to be doing some work in this area
      • Would be nice to get them to give an intro to P2 during one of our meetings
      • Glyn to talk to SAP to see about a P2 primer