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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Jan 25 2011

Gemini Meeting - Tues Jan 25, 2011

Attendees: Mike Keith, Costin Leau, Shaun Smith, Juergen Kissner, Peter Peshev, Glyn Normington, Bob Nettleton

  1. Subproject Updates and Graduation Progress
    • Blueprint
      • close to graduation, discuss a release plan
    • Naming
      • Verified IP Log, discussion about the different phases of IP log submission
      • Still need to put together the dev/test strategy
      • May need more time to do docuware
    • JPA
      • Had some problems with latest version of EclipseLink not being compatible with latest Gemini JPA milestone
      • Plan to release a new milestone by end of the week to be compatible with (and require) EclipseLink 2.2 builds
    • DBAccess
      • Question about missing license in CQ 4056 - not a problem since it is a piggyback CQ and has already been resolved
      • Project presentation - just needs to be an overview of the project in presentation format
      • Action: Mike to forward a few slides that he has on DBAccess - Juergen can use these as a start to put together a preso
      • Reminder that Eclipse policy is to pass files around in open formats (e.g PDF, text, opendoc, etc)
      • Grad email to PMC, then to EMO
      • Action: Mike to send around email examples from previously graduated projects
    • Web
      • Migrating to Tomcat 7
      • No longer going to be on the Indigo train
    • Management
      • In the process of adding more tests, would like to add the OSGi CT
      • Eclipse just got approved to access the tests
      • Action: Mike to send around email pointer for accessing CT
      • Will do an IPLog and a project plan (can copy the raw XML format from another project plan and modify it accordingly)
  2. Outstanding CQs
    • None outstanding
  3. EclipseCon Workshop
    • Action: Shaun to send out an overview of the plan and make assignments to different people