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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Jan 11 2011

Gemini Meeting - Tues Jan 11, 2011

Attendees: Mike Keith, Peter Peshev, Tom Ware, Shaun Smith, Costin Leau, Juergen Kissner, Glyn Normington

  1. Subproject Updates
    • Management
      • Peter has set up his accounts and access permissions and has been able to make changes to various parts of the project
      • Is in the process of updating the bits that are out of date
      • Working through graduation plan
      • Got request from new Libra project for additional features (which they will contribute)
    • Blueprint
      • Costin working with Glyn on getting config admin working in Blueprint
      • New specs (config admin, interceptors, transactions, etc) will all be done in a separate branch
    • Web
      • Violeta from SAP is now a committer on the project
      • She submitted Gemini Web to Fortify and it came back with a clean (secure) bill of health
    • DBAccess
      • Mike did refactoring of DBAccess code to allow simpler and neater platform additions
      • Eclipse project was done on Ganymede and does not seem to work in Helios - Juergen to work out a different project/build structure that works in Helios but does not cause additional bundles to be created.
      • Juergen asked about Project Plan and it was clarified that each subproject should be creating their own project plan
    • JPA
      • No new work has been done since before Christmas
  2. Outstanding CQs
    • None outstanding
    • At this stage, new ones will be only be entered if they are needed for test process changes
  3. Graduation and Release
    • Project mentors informed us that if projects have independent release schedules and development plans they should have independent reviews. Compromise was that there could be a single review for all of the subprojects, but each could have their own docuware.
    • Before the next meeting projects should have met the milestone of having their IP logs complete, build and test processes documented and decision-making process outlined
  4. Decision-making Process
    • Discussed how much influence project leads should have
    • People seemed to agree that Project Leads should have a veto over any decision
    • Individuals exhibiting inappropriate project leadership could be dealt with at the program level
    • Mike to send out a draft of something that we can put on project wiki
  5. EclipseCon Workshop
    • Gemini workshop submitted by Shaun to EclipseCon was accepted
    • He will work with others to get a demo running
    • Need enough material to cover two hours