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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Dec 4 2012

Gemini Meeting - Tues Dec 4, 2012

Attendees: Lazar, Violeta, Mike, Chris, Glyn

  1. Actions from Last Meeting
    • All - Add releases to Maven repo - Done
    • Violeta - Look into Naming build issues - Done
    • Violeta - Outstanding thread on forum - Done
  2. Subproject Updates
    • Gemini JPA
      • No updates until new year, when will start new dev on 1.2 work
    • Gemini Management
      • No new updates
    • Gemini Web
      • Fixing a few more bugs and then making final milestone available this week
      • Planning for Dec 20 release
        • IP log has been submitted
        • Still need to schedule release review and submit docuware
    • Gemini Naming
      • Hudson build issues resolved
    • Gemini Blueprint
      • Integrating contributions from Matt Bishop
  3. Web Site Migration
    • Gemini parent git overwriting problem seems to be properly fixed, now
  4. Other
    • Gemini subproject group ids
      • Decided in email that group id should be "org.eclipse.gemini".
      • Action: All subprojects to change group ids
    • Shared maven repo
      • Suggestion to put the maven repo into a git repo to ensure that files are not lost in the copying, etc.
      • Action: Glyn to put the git repo in
      • Should update the wiki to capture all of the shared maven repo details
      • Action: Glyn to add section on maven repo to wiki

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