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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Aug 28 2012

Gemini Meeting - Tues Aug 28, 2012

Attendees: Glyn Normington, Mike Keith

  1. Actions from Last Meeting
    • Mike - create a zipfile for the JPA updates repo - Not done
    • All - Add releases to Maven repo - Pending
  2. Subproject Updates
    • Management
      • Plan a 2.0 release likely in the next couple of weeks
    • Blueprint
      • Released 1.01 - included support for Spring 3.1
      • Integrating into Virgo this week
      • Having some problems running tests in Hudson
        • System.out and System.err not being initialized properly
        • Difficult to debug without having control of the execution
    • JPA
      • Completed feature work - config admin enhancement for dynamic JPA config
      • Will put out M2 today or tomorrow, and then release in Sept
      • Having problems getting tests integrated into the build
        • Need a test framework that can support its requirements
        • Suggestion that PAX Exam might meet the need
    • Web
      • Released 2.0.1 since last meeting
  3. Kepler
    • Discussion on the lack of benefits to being on the simultaneous release train
    • Virgo was on mostly because of LTS (Long Term Support) reqt, but not sure if that is even a valid reqt
    • Folks from SAP were doing much of the work to be on the Juno train
    • If most of the projects want to be on then we should probably all be on
    • Insufficient project leads on the call to be able to decide conclusively
  4. Blueprint RI
    • Not sure if the Blueprint extensions even made it into the spec
    • Not enough resources for Gemini Blueprint to do the RI work in any case
  5. Misc
    • After Gemini JPA release Mike will report on how he put the release into the common Maven repo