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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Apr 8 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday April 8, 2010

Attendees: Glyn Normington, Chris Frost, Costin Leau, Mike Keith, Bob Nettleton


  • Project web sites - Chris offered to do some playing with the web sites to make them presentable
  • Also need a logo, so if anyone likes doing graphic design or has any bright ideas then they should feel free to propose one
    • Mike would like to see the Gemini astrological sign of the twins in some modified but simple motif
    • Glyn suggested that the EclipseRT logo could also be incorporated (Virgo did this)
  • IP process
    • Blueprint, Web and JPA all close to or in process of checking in code using parallel IP process
    • Finding the exact contributorship of the Web source files is nearly impossible to achieve at this stage so Jeff M is looking into a more tenable solution
    • Naming is going to be starting work on getting the code into the project tomorrow
    • no report from DBAccess or Management
  • Blueprint mentioned that there is a lot of metadata and that it is unclear how to fill it in
    • Mike not too concerned if it is not filled in right now until we know more about what should go there, although the Release Plan might be worth filling in as soon as possible


  • Wiki
    • Gemini wiki structure in place
    • Subprojects as subcategories
    • Question raised about distinction between content on the web site vs content on the wiki - Problably won't have any documented strategy for what goes where, but as people have questions or make observations then they should bring them up in the group so all can benefit and agree or discuss
  • Bugzilla - Gemini subprojects will be split into components in Bugzilla
  • Demo
    • Would be nice to have a demo to illustrate the integration of the various modules
    • Could also serve as basic integration tests
    • Mike offered to take this on, although it may not happen until the projects have all committed their code
  • Agenda items to future meetings should be inserted into the agenda document on the wiki

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