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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Apr 26 2011

Gemini Meeting - Tues Apr 26, 2011

Attendees: Mike Keith, Tom Ware, Shaun Smith, Glyn Normington

  1. Subproject Updates
    • DBAccess
      • Juergen reported that he is about to release an RC
      • Has asked Mike to look it over
    • JPA
      • Once DBAccess RC is out then will probably do the release
      • Still want to ask SAP users what their reqts are wrt having a release or waiting to get their favourite bugs fixed first
    • Web
      • Still going through the Tomcat update
  2. Release Train Debate
    • There was a discussion in the PMC this week about RT subprojects being part of the Eclipse release train
    • The issues are mostly around the cost/benefit ratio
    • Still open in the PMC, but individuals are supposed to be posting their views
      • Glyn has submitted a long list of the criteria and how easy/difficult/feasible it would be for Virgo
      • Mike will post his views on having a separate train
  3. Gemini Examples
    • Recommitted to decision to put EclipseCon Tutorial examples in Gemini repo
    • Git is the way of the future for Eclipse so discussed moving the existing Gemini SVN repo over to a Git repo (little if any code exists there now)
    • Action: Mike to submit request for Git repo at Gemini project level (will send out an email to the dev list first)